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Author, photographer, and late-nighter Jeff Carlson is a columnist for the Seattle Times, a contributing editor for TidBITS, and writes for outlets such as Macworld, DPReview, Creative Pro, and others. He is the author of Take Control of Lightroom CC; Take Control of Your Digital Photos; Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course; and The iPad for Photographers, among many other titles.


How to Import Song Fragments (iMovie 3)

A reader sent the following question: In iMovie 2, adding audio could be done with only part of a song [from a CD]. If I wanted just a few bars from a particular song, I could push the ‘play’ button and then push ‘record’ for just the part I wanted in my movie and then ...


iMovie Tips in TidBITS

I wrote an article last week for Monday’s TidBITS, iMovie 3 Tips and Gotchas, talking about some of the cool things that iMovie 3 can do (such as the reference movie that’s generated) as well as pointing out existing problems that people can hopefully work around. I’ve gotten a few interesting responses from readers, one ...


Finally – 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook

Just ordered a new 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4. Perhaps coincidentallly, my current 15-inch PB (400 MHz) acted up during a deadline earlier today; it knew I was going to order a new machine if they were announced. I’ve got it working now, and I’m hoping that my reassurances that it would stay in the family ...


I Love Londoners

The New York Times writes about illusionist/publicity whore David Blaine in Disillusionment Over the Thames. I don’t pay much attention to Blaine, but I like the fact that folks in London aren’t automatically wowed by his latest endurance feat: living in a plexiglass box for 44 days suspended over the Thames. Since Sept. 5, he’s ...



Time to reveal one of my secret, unfulfilled obsessions: Sony’s AIBO robotic dog. I think they’re incredibly cool, and it’s been interesting to see them advance over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, they’re still a high-ticket item that I just haven’t had the cash to shell out for, so my hands-on experience with AIBO ...


Slick vol. 5 & 6 released

You know you want to do the Star Wars crawl: your text, moving away in perspective. Now, Gee Three has an iMovie plug-in (Perspective) that will let you narrate your own adventures on a Mac far, far away… Gee Three has just released Slick volumes 5 and 6, adding a slew of new titles, transitions, ...


That word “penis”

The Moore Theater is currently hosting Puppetry of the Penis, a performance where two naked men bend, twist, and otherwise contort their penises into amusing shapes (or, “The Ancient Art of Genital Origami”), which are broadcast on a giant screen. I saw a short segment about the show on some late-night news show once, and ...


cf/x plug-ins

Cf/x has released a slew of iMovie plug-ins, many of which involve color correction.


Adding Sound Effects

Daniel C. Slagle pointed out in email that my description of how to add your own sound effects to iMovie is unneccessarily complicated (see page 115, which explains how to add a sound file to the iMovie 3 application package). He correctly notes that a change you make using this method can be wiped out ...


Superautomatic Coffee Makers

I’ve recently begun reading the Interesting Thing of the Day, a fantastic weblog written by my friend Joe Kissell. ITotD isn’t a daily link to a Web page; Joe finds something interesting, explains why it’s interesting, and gives some background on it. Absolutely required reading, and I’m ashamed that I haven’t been reading it longer. ...