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There is no Blue Wave

There is only your vote. Be a voter on November 6.


Palin’s Problems, in Her Own Words

Here’s what I love/hate about Sarah Palin: Within the space of a few words, she can completely destroy her own point, and yet sound as if she isn’t. Today’s use of the term “blood libel” to talk about how the mean ol’ media is victimizing her after the Tuscon shooting is reprehensible not only because ...


Maybe Bush Did Do One Thing Right

One of the more popular of my blog entries is “What Has Bush Done Right?” from 2004. I spent the entire slog through Bush’s second term asking myself that question, and honestly never really came up with a good answer. Bush was a bad leader, an idealogue, and is, I believe, directly responsible for a ...


You’ve Got to Be Fucking Kidding

I don’t throw that out there as a title lightly: The U.S. Military is demanding that thousands of wounded service personnel give back signing bonuses because they are unable to serve out their commitments. To get people to sign up, the military gives enlistment bonuses up to $30,000 in some cases. Now men and women ...


Goodbye Gonzales. Dems, Don’t Screw This Up, Too

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced his resignation today (effective September 16), eliciting a collective sigh of relief across the nation. The term “incompetent” gets thrown around too much these days (and isn’t that a statement on the political climate we’re living in), so I’m not going to say that Gonzales was incompetent – he was ...


Screwing the Troops (Again/Still)

Henceforth, I don’t want to hear anyone make the claim that the Bush Administration “supports the troops.” It’s already established that Bush claims to listen to his generals, but then does what he wants (and fires the generals who disagree with him). And that he uses the troops that he commands as PR shields, propping ...


“Won” or “Lost” Isn’t the Issue

Josh Marshall has an excellent, succinct post about the misguided thinking about whether the war in Iraq is “lost,” as Harry Reid has said, or is able to be “won,” as Bush and the Republicans hollowly maintain. As usual, what’s being talked about is the smoke that obscures the reality, something Americans have been subjected ...


A Word to the House Dems

According to the latest news reports, the Democrats have taken power in the House. This is extraordinarily satisfying, because hopefully this means there’s going to be some positive force in government. But we (and here I actually mean you, House Democrats) can’t get cocky. Oh sure, we want to. The big Republican bully, the one ...


Cutting and Running from ‘Stay the Course’

Josh Marshall succinctly makes one of the most obvious comparisons: Bush the president and Bush the failed CEO/entrepreneur are exactly the same: Fundamentally, it doesn’t have to do with military strategy or ideology. It has to do with coming to grips with the monumental failure he has wrought, which of course he can never do. ...


The Crook List

Wonkette has started assembling a list of Bush administration and Republican figures who have been imprisoned or resigned for legal reasons: The Crook List. Boy, that’s a lot of crooks.