Tip: Resize Media Pane

(One aspect of book production is that there’s a finite amount of space to work with. As a result, some tips didn’t make it into the print edition of the latest edition. Here’s one; more are on the way.)

Both iMovie HD 6 and iDVD 6 leave little room in their respective Media panes to view your music, photos, and movies. However, you can tweak the appearance: click and drag the bar separating the album/playlist/folder list at the top and the photo/song/movie list at the bottom (Figure 1, click to enlarge).

If you drag the bar all the way to the top of the pane, the top list becomes a popup menu containing the albums/playlists/folders (Figure 2, click to enlarge).

Resize Media Pane Both

(Click to enlarge)

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