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Author, photographer, and late-nighter Jeff Carlson is a columnist for the Seattle Times, a contributing editor for TidBITS, and writes for outlets such as Macworld, DPReview, Creative Pro, and others. He is the author of Take Control of Lightroom CC; Take Control of Your Digital Photos; Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course; and The iPad for Photographers, among many other titles.


Digital Film Restoration

Interesting article at about John D. Lowry, whose company restores damaged film – in this case, the Indiana Jones movies.


Excercising with Arnold

I was scanning the list of new songs added to the iTunes Music Store and came across this gem (URL takes you directly to the song track in iTunes, if it’s installed). My question is: why is it just a partial album? How can I do the Total Body Workout with just two songs?


iMovie 3.5 on the Way?

Think Secret reports that we may see an iMovie 3.5 soon – perhaps at Macworld Expo in January? Of course, only Apple knows, and Apple isn’t saying.


iMovie 3 VQS 40% Off at Amazon

I noticed today that Amazon is selling the book at 40% off, for $11.99. If you haven’t picked up a copy, or if you’re looking for a good holiday gift, this is a pretty good deal. While you’re there, and while I’m shilling anyway, consider the other books I’ve released this year: Palm Organizers, Third ...


New Skywalker Sounds for .Mac Members

iMovie 3 already includes a bunch of sound effects from Skywalker Sound, but now .Mac members can get 13 more. Access your iDisk in the Finder, and open the Software folder. Open the new Members Only folder, then open the Skywalker Sounds folder. Copy the folder named “Skywalker Sounds from dotMac” to [Home]/Library/iMovie/Sound Effects. (You ...


Snowy in Seattle

Was up late last night/this morning working on the last bits of my newest book, iChat AV 2 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide, and watched snow begin to fall around 12:45 a.m. It didn’t come down for long, but we woke up to a frozen dusting that reminds me that even though I ...


Camera Roundup in NYTimes

The New York Times looks at a couple of digital camcorders and related devices in Cameras and Home Video: Capture an Image. Now, Run With It (free subscription required).


Mac OS X 10.3.1 Solves FileVault Issue

Apple released Mac OS X 10.3.1 late yesterday, which apparently fixes the data loss issue with FileVault. I still don’t think FileVault is ready for prime time, but this is progress, at least.


iMovie 3 and FileVault

Apple has released a TechNote explaining that using Mac OS X 10.3 Panther’s new FileVault data-encryption feature can affect performance. The issue is that FileVault encrypts your Home folder, which by default is where iMovie saves its projects (in the Movies folder). The Home folder becomes one large encrypted file, so anything stored within must ...



I’m currently working on a book about iChat AV, so I’ve got an iSight mounted on my PowerBook’s lid. While it works great as a webcam, it can double as a camcorder, too, using iRecordNow by Boinx. You can get a 1-day trial license, or purchase it for $15. Boinx also makes iStopMotion for filming ...