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TidBITS Bottom-Up Redesign

TidBITS has undergone a massive redesign, and I’m so excited for my friends there — not just a new look for the site, but a whole new publishing infrastructure. Fun fact: Most of the HTML and CSS on the old site was coded by me… in 2007 (ironic that the link goes to the article ...


Ye Olden Days: My Adobe Magazine Articles

Back when I first started as a full-time freelance writer, I was fortunate enough to begin publishing articles in Adobe Magazine. It was a great gig, and eventually turned into a column before Adobe pulled the plug. I was a Web designer as well as a writer back then, and covered the early days of ...


Top 10 iOS Apps for Designers

My friends at HOW Magazine asked me to write up my picks for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps for designers, which is now posted at HOWdesign: “Top 10 iOS Apps for Designers“. The list includes essentials such as OmniGraffle for iPad and ColorExpert, as well as utilities such as GoodReader and 1Password Pro. You’ll ...


TidBITS Redesign Is Now Live!

This has been a long time coming, and now I’m happy to announce that the redesigned Web site for TidBITS is now live. The backend was built by Glenn Fleishman, I did the graphics and HTML/CSS, and publishers Adam and Tonya Engst herded Glenn and I. We’ll be talking more about the redesign in TidBITS ...


Web Design for Print Designers – Resources

My second presentation at the HOW Design Conference was “Web Design for Print Designers.” Here are a list of resources I mentioned. My apologies if you looked for this last night; I ended up crashing hard at about 9 pm (the first night I’ve slept more than about 5 hours in too many days)! A ...


Slate Redesign

I hit Slate just now and see that they’ve done a redesign; a horrendously bad redesign. I thought at first that the CSS stylesheet hadn’t yet loaded, but that’s the new look.


Free Real World GoLive 6 PDF

Glenn and I (to be fair, Glenn did all the work) have released the complete contents of our book Real World Adobe GoLive 6 as a 23 MB downloadable PDF. See Glenn’s weblog post about why. Also, in response to this action, Doc Searls wonders, “Since books on software have such a short shelf life, ...


Design Feedback

I’m curious to know what you think about how this page is designed: Is it readable? Is the type too big? Click the comment link below if you have an opinion. Thanks!