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Author, photographer, and late-nighter Jeff Carlson is a columnist for the Seattle Times, a contributing editor for TidBITS, and writes for outlets such as Macworld, DPReview, Creative Pro, and others. He is the author of Take Control of Lightroom CC; Take Control of Your Digital Photos; Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course; and The iPad for Photographers, among many other titles.


Bush Continues to Flout International Law

Today’s news that Bush is appointing John Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations shows that this administration has no interest in being part of the world. Fred Kaplan at Slate quotes Bolton as once saying: “It is a big mistake for us to grant any validity to international law even when it may ...


NYT on Body Armor Delays

The New York Times has an article today investigating the unconscionable lack of body armor for US troops serving in Iraq: International > Middle East > Missing in Action: The Supply Gap in Iraq: Many Missteps Tied to Delay in Armor for Troops in Iraq” href=””>Missing in Action: The Supply Gap in Iraq: Many Missteps ...



Okay, raise your hand if you’re involved with movie editing because you’ve secretly always wanted to make a Star Wars movie. Now you’re one more step in that direction: has release iSci-Fi, a collection of science fiction themed sounds and music as Apple Loops (AIFF format), which are compatible with iMovie and Final Cut. ...


Blank iDVD 5 Settings Pane

According to a new Apple KnowledgeBase article, you might see a blank Settings pane in iDVD 5 if you have Multiple Master fonts installed: iDVD 5.0: Settings pane is blank.


Just How Much Disk Space Does HDV Use?

Until iMovie HD came out, it was easy to estimate how much disk space you needed to store a project: roughly 13 GB per hour of DV footage. HDV, however, is a different beast — an HDV camcorder such as the Sony HDR-FX1 captures high-definition video and then compresses it in-camera using MPEG-2 compression (the ...


Ruined by Perfection

Last coffee post of the day: an online addendum to a recent National Geographic cover story on caffeine, the “world’s most popular psychoactive drug.” Photographer Bob Sacha narrates a slideshow of photos taken while researching the article. National Geographic Magazine’s Sights & Sounds: What’s the Buzz?. Man, I just finished a latté and already I ...


Naked Portafilter Espresso

Reading through the forums at CoffeeGeek, I came across a thread about naked portafilters. Apparently, baristas at Seattle coffeehouse Zoka modified a portafilter (the cup that holds the espresso grinds) so that the espresso comes straight from the basket, rather than through a lower piece that directs the espresso into the cup. I don’t know ...


eSCENE Temporary Home

[Update: I was mistaken. wasn’t working due to a configuration glitch, not because Glenn turned off the server. The site works now as it did. But the following rambling memories still apply.] Several years ago, just as the Web was starting up, I started an online literary magazine (ezine) called eSCENE, which served as ...



Again, I love TiVo. I’m not even going to try to blog the Oscars in real-time, since I’m watching it about 10 minutes behind and will catch up by zapping past the commercials. But I’ve written at least something about the show for the last couple of years, so here’s my contribution. On the slightest ...


KeynotePro Creates iDVD Themes

iDVD 5 offers 73 built-in themes, but is that enough? No! KeynotePro is now offering their first iDVD theme: MetroBlue for iDVD. MetroBlue ties into similar themes the company has made for Keynote and Pages, and costs $20.