Delusional, Paranoid Dick Cheney

In an interview with CNN, Dick Cheney said:

Neither an immediate nor phased withdrawal would confer any protection on the United States, Cheney said. “If we pull out, they’ll follow us,” he said of terrorists.

Does he really believe that maintaining a failing presence in Iraq is keeping terrorists away from the U.S.? That there’s some magical barrier that prevents them from coming into our unprotected ports or under-manned borders?

Oh wait, he contradicts himself almost immediately:

“It doesn’t matter where we go. This is a global conflict. We’ve seen them attack in London and Madrid and Casablanca and Istanbul and Mombasa and East Africa. They’ve been, on a global basis, involved in this conflict.

“And it will continue — whether we complete the job or not in Iraq — only it’ll get worse. Iraq will become a safe haven for terrorists. They’ll use it in order to launch attacks against our friends and allies in that part of the world.”

Dick Cheney solidifies his position of Frightener in Chief, and exposes himself as a pants-wetting paranoid. Never mind the fact that the attacks which spurred all of this had nothing to do with Iraq (the 9/11 terrorists were linked to our good buddies Saudi Arabia), or that the reason Iraq is currently a safe haven for terrorists is because the U.S. invaded on falsified intelligence.

Shut up, Mr. Boogeyman. Peddle your fear elsewhere, because people aren’t buying it anymore.

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