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Article: How to make DVDs as holiday gifts

Macworld asked me to write an article about making DVDs as holiday gifts, which is interesting in light of the fact that nearly all Macs sold today don’t include an optical drive. Still, a DVD makes a great gift that most people will be able to view (since not everyone has broadband Internet access to ...


iLife ’11 on the New Mac App Store

Apple today released Mac OS X 10.6.6, notable for including the Mac App Store. I think the App Store is a great thing for most Mac users, providing a clean, understandable way to buy and install applications. (I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve helped someone with a Mac who has been confused about ...


Five Cool and Useful Techniques for iMovie ’09 & iDVD has posted an article I wrote about iMovie and iDVD: Five Cool and Useful Techniques for iMovie ’09 and iDVD. If you’ve been following along with this blog, these might not be new to you, but I think they’re worth highlighting.


iMovie ’09 8.0.3 and iDVD 7.0.4 Released

Apple updated iLife ’09 today, touching everything except iWeb (and GarageBand, which was updated earlier this week). According to Apple’s release notes, iMovie ’09 8.0.3 “addresses general compatibility issues, improved overall stability and fixes a number of other minor issues,” including: Support for 720p AVCHD Lite cameras and camcorders Deleting a beat marker no longer ...


Download the iDVD portion of my book for FREE!

Click here to download the PDF (6.2 MB). When Apple revealed iMovie ’09 at Macworld Expo this year, I was thrilled to see so many new features compared to iMovie ’08. (You can read my Macworld review of iMovie ’09 here.) But that also created a problem: my publisher needed the book to stay within ...


It’s a Book! First Author Copy of iMovie ’09 VQS

I received the first copy of the book, iMovie ’09 & iDVD: Visual QuickStart Guide via FedEx today, and it looks great. I think the print quality is a bit higher than the last edition (which was pretty darn good), making the full-color figures and photos really pop. The book should start to appear on ...


iDVD Unchanged from ’08 Version

Quick note to say that iDVD remains basically untouched in iLife ’09. It’s now just “iDVD,” not “iDVD ’09”, even. Not surprising. In fact, I wondered if iDVD would even be a part of iLife this time around.


QuickTime 7.5 Addresses Security Concerns, iMovie and iDVD Updated

While the iPhone 3G and Snow Leopard grabbed everyone’s attention this week, Apple also released security and bug-fix updates to QuickTime, iMovie ’08, and iDVD ’08. QuickTime 7.5 tackles several security issues dealing with maliciously crafted media: PICT images, AAC-encoded media, and Indeo video. It also changes the behavior of handling URLs by revealing files ...


Copy and Paste iDVD Drop Zone Contents

iDVD didn’t get much love from Apple in iLife ’08, but a few nice features crept past the “DVDs are yesterday’s technology” wall. Case in point: copy and paste drop zone media. Let’s say you put together a killer group of photos in a drop zone on the front page and you want to use ...


Tips for Exporting for iDVD

Aaron at Unlocking iMovie ’08 offers some good tips for getting your iMovie video into iDVD. Since iMovie no longer includes the capability to make DVD chapter markers, a common workaround is to bring the movie into GarageBand and enter markers there before zipping it along to iDVD. However, there appears to be problems with ...