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Free Sample Chapter of My iPad Pocket Guide

The iPad was released last weekend, and to celebrate I’ve made an excerpt from my book The iPad Pocket Guide available as a free download from (You need to click the “Sample Content” tab toward the bottom of the page to access the download link.) As I mentioned previously, I’ve been working on the ...


Love This Photo of Coffee and Tylenol

Marco Arment (developer of Tumblr and Instapaper) has a cold. And a really great photo illustrating how he’s fighting it:


My book “iPad Pocket Guide” Is Now Available for Pre-Order

I’m hard at work on my next book, The iPad Pocket Guide, which is now available for pre-order at for only $10.19 and at Barnes & Noble for $10.11! Amazon lists the release date as June 11, but I’m sure that’s just a placeholder. I want to have most of the book written by ...


This May Be My Fave Photo Ever

Okay, I’m biased by the fact that I just shot it the other day without giving the image any distance, but I really really love this shot. It’s even better when viewed large.


A Day of (Anonymous) Fame

On Wednesday, Glenn Fleishman and I caught an early flight to San Francisco to attend Apple’s media event where the company introduced the iPad. It was fun to be there for the announcement, not just because it’s a new Apple product but because there’s a lot of energy and interest among the assembled journalists. (I ...


A Financial Milestone

Tonight, I paid off my last credit card. The image above is a screenshot from my list of accounts in Quicken. I paid off the Jeff-MotleyVISA3 account months ago by transferring the balance to the BECU Visa account when Chase sent a letter saying my long-held fixed-rate card was going to become an adjustable rate ...


Pixar or Not? Flowchart

Inspired by this great Pixar vs. Dreamworks illustration, I’ve created a flowchart that sums up Pixar versus all other makers of computer-generated movies:


Hectic, but Calming

Belly, 37 Weeks Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson Where to begin? My life has been dual-focused lately: either working on getting a book done, or preparing for baby. I want to take a month off from work when the baby arrives, but to do that I need to throw myself into this book project so ...


Accessing My Home Music Library with Simplify Media

When Apple first added the capability to share an iTunes library with other iTunes users on the network, my friend David Blatner loved the fact that he could sit on his porch at home with his laptop and stream music located on his computer at work. The Internet is just a big network, after all. ...


Chocolate Typographic Goodness

This appeals to me on so many levels that I can barely stand it: .