Photoversity Presets in Aurora HDR 2017

Pink Morning Mist short

Over at Photoversity, I created a free set of presets for Aurora HDR that apply pre-cooked looks when editing images in Macphun’s impressive HDR application. However, when they released Aurora HDR 2017 last month, my presets disappeared!

After a bit of sleuthing, I discovered that Macphun changed the filename extension used by the presets. They still work, but the application doesn’t see them. Fortunately, that’s an easy fix, which I detailed on the Photoversity blog: How to Make Photoversity Presets Work in Aurora HDR 2017. If you’ve upgraded to Aurora HDR 2017 and don’t see the presets, go check it out.

This is also a good opportunity to remind you that I wrote an ebook about HDR that Macphun is giving away! And in that ebook is a code to buy my Aurora HDR Photoversity Guide at a special 40% discount.

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