Take Control of Slack

[Update, January 28, 2019: The book links now point to the new edition of the book, Take Control of Slack, a single volume that covers everything.]

Tco slack basicsIf you’re not using Slack, there’s a good chance you will soon. Slack is a service for exchanging messages and data among groups. It’s not the first attempt at this type of software, but it’s certainly one of the most popular. Small businesses use it so employees can stay in touch no matter where they are. Large companies are deploying it among different departments and workgroups. And I have a Slack channel just for my wife and I; previously, we had to use a mishmash of Apple’s Messages, Skype, and whatever terrible corporate software happened to be used by her employer at the time. Now, when we need to chat about something during work hours, we know that Slack will let us reach each other regardless of which computer or device we’re using.

As you can imagine, Slack is mostly easy to use—once you get the hang of it. And getting the hang of it is the initial hurdle. Sure, you can fumble through it, but there’s a better way. Actually, there are two better ways.

My friend and occasional co-conspirator Glenn Fleishman has just published two Take Control ebooks about Slack. Take Control of Slack Basics is for most people who want to use (or discover that they need to get up to speed with) the service:

Slack is all about communication, so you’ll learn how to write, edit, and react to messages; use snippets, posts, and audio calls to collaborate with team members; and create and manage both channels and direct message conversations.

You’ll also see to configure Slack’s flexible notification system so you’re alerted appropriately but not nagged. Plus, Glenn covers how to search old messages effectively, how to make Slack your control center by centralizing reports from other services via integrations, and numerous techniques for improving your productivity in (and with) Slack.

Tco slack adminFor those who need to create and manage Slack channels, the companion book, Take Control of Slack Admin:

Based on hundreds of person-hours of testing, this book is designed to help both the novice admin and any IT staff tasked with managing Slack. Those getting started will learn how to plan and create a new team, configuring channels and administrative settings to shape how the team works. You’ll also learn how integrations can radically extend Slack’s capabilities, helping to make Slack a control center rather than just another communications stream.

Each book is only $15, but you can save 20% when you buy both (access either link above, and then click the Add Both to Cart button).

Glenn is a master authority on this information (as he is with many topics), and I’m glad he and Take Control have published these. Go get ’em!

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