Anne Livingston’s Soup Zine


With the new year, I and many other people are trying to figure out ways we can help people and causes that need assistance. My friend Anne Livingston just created a great one: Soup Zine, a “hand-illustrated mini cookbook [that] shares easy recipes and pro tips for comforting soups to keep you warm all winter.” Anne is an amazing food photographer, professionally-trained cook, and writer who has also worked on Edible Seattle magazine, so right off you know the contents of Soup Zine are going to be good.

Even better: All proceeds from the sales of the $10 printed zine go to Earthjustice, a nonprofit environmental law organization working to combat climate change, advance clean energy, protect people’s health, and preserve natural wildlife.

I love this idea, both because it’s exciting to bring projects into the world, and because I can’t wait for the issue to arrive so I can cook up some soup.

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