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Twitter Juxtaposition of the Day: Machete

I swear, this is not Photoshopped. Captured straight from my timeline: Here’s the link to the Star Wars “Machete” Viewing Order.


Canon EOS M Now Just $299

Wow, the Canon EOS M (which is the topic of my recent book Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots; here’s more about the book) is now on sale for just $299 for the model that includes the 22mm f/2 lens. The package that includes the 18-55mm telephoto lens is just $349 ( link; ...


MacBook Air Battery Gauge

Working on the new 2013 MacBook Air, I noticed that the battery gauge in the menu bar had slid into red. Typically that means a scramble to find the power adapter, but then I clicked the button: 17% battery still left—with an estimated 3 hours 23 minutes of battery charge. (That’s with screen brightness set ...


1Password 4 for iOS: Overhauled and Improved

Glenn Fleishman looks at the new features of this essential utility. I use it every day on my Mac and iOS devices. Can’t live without it.


Ye Olden Days: My Adobe Magazine Articles

Back when I first started as a full-time freelance writer, I was fortunate enough to begin publishing articles in Adobe Magazine. It was a great gig, and eventually turned into a column before Adobe pulled the plug. I was a Web designer as well as a writer back then, and covered the early days of ...


Keep Up with My Articles at uFollow

I’ve had great intentions in the past for posting new articles that I write here on my blog, but often when something appears, I’m busy working on something else, and I forget. Today I received an email from a free service called uFollow that tracks articles and blog posts from authors. Go to the page ...


My book, Meet the iPad 2, now at the iBookstore!

I’m ecstatic to announce that the first ebook about the iPad 2 on Apple’s iBookstore is my book, “Meet the iPad 2“! It contains 48 pages of essential iPad 2 information, and costs just $1.99. Follow this link to view more information, or, go to iBooks on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, tap the ...


My Favorite Paragraph This Week

Software developer and teacher Fraser Speirs writing about transitioning his classroom of iMacs to iPads: “It’s the end of an era, but the beginning of a new one. A new era in which computers serve the needs of children and teachers. An era in which computers are not special artifacts sequestered in a purpose-built chamber ...


It’s a Book! First Copy of My “iPad Pocket Guide”!

My prolific friend David Blatner started a tradition in the office we once shared. Whenever he published a new book (which is still pretty often) and received his first author copy, he’d bring it around to someone else’s desk and say, “It’s a book!” Now that I’ve published dozens of books myself, I still do ...


My review of the 15-inch MacBook Pro (2010)

I’ve been pretty singularly focused on the iPad since its release, having finished my iPad Pocket Guide (due in stores likely in the next week or so!) and now working on a Take Control ebook about the iPad. But while I was writing the Pocket Guide, Apple sent me a new 15-inch MacBook Pro review ...