See Me at Bellevue Square Apple Store

I’m giving a “Meet the Expert” presentation at the Apple Store Bellevue Square in Bellevue, WA, talking about iMovie 3, digital video, and other stuff related to my book iMovie 3 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide. Stop by at 10:30 a.m. this Saturday, July 19, and say hi!


Virtix Zoom and Pan 3.0

Before Apple introduced the Ken Burns Effect in iMovie 3, companies like Virtix were creating plug-ins that achieved the same pan and zoom effects. Now, Virtix has released Virtix Zoom & Pan Filters – Version 3.0, which works on all flavors of iMovie 2 and later (including iMovie 2 under Mac OS 9), supports high-resolution ...


iDVD 3.0.1

Apple has released iDVD 3.0.1, which it says “provides improved performance and stability for encoding, burning, and managing your DVD projects.”


Appearance at Bellevue Square Apple Store

Got an iMovie question or just want to hobnob about video editing? I’ll be conducting a workshop and signing copies of the iMovie 3 VQS at the Bellevue Square Apple Store in Bellevue, WA on Saturday July 19, at 10:30 am. Drop by and say hello!


More iTunes Coolness: iChat Status

Here’s a fun little hack: iChatStatus. If you’re listening to iTunes, iChatStatus lists the artist and song name in the status area of iChat’s window, and people who have you listed in their buddy list can see what you’re listening to. Less than five minutes after I installed it, I received an instant message from ...


Watching Tour de France

I’m working on an article with the TV on in the background, watching the riders of the Tour de France climb in the Alps. I’ve never really followed the Tour, but I like to catch some of the televised coverage. Mostly, this is because it’s fun to watch the crowds. You see quite a few ...


Coffee Fanatics

Yet another example of how my own coffee enthusiasm is but a drop of crema in the world of espresso: In Search of the Perfect Cup, the Old Coffee Pot Is Passé (NY Times, free subscription required to view) talks about a selection of coffee fanatics for whom a $2000 or even $7500 espresso machine ...


Bring ’em On

Finally, democrats are starting to stand up from the cowered stance they’ve been in with regard to the Bush White House. In a news item on CNN, democratic leaders denouced bush’s tough-guy manner of speech, specifically when he said “bring ’em on” in response to a question about the continuing attacks in Iraq that have ...


Directors NotePad

Looking for a central application to track shots and assets while you shoot? Check out Directors NotePad, a $29 lite version of Directors NoteBook.


Wait, iSight CAN capture video

Apple says that the iSight can’t capture video to iMovie. Fair enough. However, Derrick Story at MacDevCenter has discovered a way to capture video that can then be imported into iMovie (or edited using QuickTime Player Pro). Using QuickTime Broadcaster (a free download), you can capture iSight video to disk, export the footage to DV ...

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