Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  Our Icy Street 
  Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

Looking to lock down a city? Throw some snow and ice at Seattle. Just as Kim and I were returning from a nice snowy Thanksgiving in Montana, we hit Snoqualmie Pass in the middle of a big snow storm. To my surprise, it was snowing in Seattle, too. And then on Monday, it snowed some more and turned to ice, snarling traffic everywhere.

Although Seattle drivers do tend to suck at driving in the snow in general (heck, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who suck at driving in the rain), they get a little slack for being in a city with lots of hills and less than a handful of snowplows.

Fortunately, my freelance lifestyle allowed me to stay at home and not deal with any driving at all. Kim took the bus to work on Monday, but after a two-hour commute getting home that night, she worked from home today. Tonight the temperatures are expected to drop into the teens, and with the possibility of more snow arriving Wednesday night, our fair freezing city is going to be moving slowly until at least Thursday. Put on some hot chocolate and Christmas music!

  1. I’m with you, as a resident of Capital Hill, I was surprised with snow this early, and this cold. Christmas music is a go!


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