iTunes Smart Playlist Adventure

I almost always listen to music via iTunes while I’m working, but I do find myself gravitating to the handful of recent albums purchased. At some point I created a Smart Playlist that shows me music that hasn’t played during the past year. It’s a nice eclectic mix of tunes, with 121 items covering 9 hours. It’s what I turn to when I need to unshackle my brain a bit. Here’s what’s currently on deck:

And here’s the Smart Playlist that makes it happen. (In iTunes, choose New Smart Playlist from the File menu, or Option-click the plus-sign button in the lower-left corner.) It tells iTunes to grab songs not played in the last year, and excludes podcasts, movies, and radio stations (kind does not contain “stream”). I may see if I can power through the entire nine hours over the next few days, and see how many other songs come up on the one-year mark.

Smart Playlist

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