VisualHub for Video Conversion

Dan Frakes at Macworld looks at VisualHub, a $28 utility for converting video into oodles of formats in “All you need is Hub“:

As an example of VisualHub’s performance, I had a 5.8GB, 1 hour 49 minute, AVI version of a movie that I wanted to convert for iPod viewing. QuickTime Player (the Pro version) failed to convert the file after a long time trying, citing an error, even though I had installed plug-ins for AVI support. From past experience, I can tell you that it takes as long as an hour for QuickTime Player to convert similar-sized MPEG videos to iPod format. VisualHub, on the other hand, successfully converted the AVI down to an 87MB iPod-compatible MPEG movie (using the Standard-quality setting) in less than 8 minutes! To convert the same AVI to the higher-quality H.264 format, which takes significantly longer via QuickTime Pro, took under 11 minutes using VisualHub; the resulting video was only 72MB in size. Finally, using H.264 with the “Optimize for TV” setting at High quality took 22 minutes and 40 seconds and produced a 204-MB video file. (All tests were performed on a 2.66GHz Mac Pro; slower Macs will of course take longer; however, performance is excellent on all Intel- and G5-based models.)

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