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A Financial Milestone

Tonight, I paid off my last credit card. The image above is a screenshot from my list of accounts in Quicken. I paid off the Jeff-MotleyVISA3 account months ago by transferring the balance to the BECU Visa account when Chase sent a letter saying my long-held fixed-rate card was going to become an adjustable rate ...


Two New Articles Posted this Week

My latest Seattle Times column is online, which is about when my wife’s MacBook drive exploded and how I recovered her data: You can’t have too many backups for Mac hard drives. In my most recent iMovie column for Macworld, I look at several methods for stretching the boundaries of iMovie’s editing interface: Maximize Your ...


Metaphor for My Brain

Walking home from the bus stop tonight, I came up with a metaphor for my brain. You see, I’m often frustrated by the way I work. I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking and mulling, rewriting article leads, figuring out in what order things should appear, trying to determine which things are more important ...



It’s now been over three months since my daughter was born, and I’m only now starting to feel like things are stabilizing. Not that she knocked anything out of whack, per se, but that everything is just different enough that I haven’t done some things – like update this blog. (I’ve been blogging about Ellie, ...


Just for the record

Yes, that’s my hometown newspaper, but no, that’s a different Jeff Carlson.


Goodbye 2006

The new year’s arrival echoed most of 2006: it happened almost as an afterthought. Kim and I stayed home New Year’s Eve, she with a cold and me with work to do, and our good friend Shannon came over to see what a Carlson New Year’s Eve was like. Fortunately, she didn’t have high expectations, ...


NYT Notes Closure of Fremont News

The New York Times ran an article today about one of my haunts: “Time for a New Tenant in the Kingdom of Odd.” The subject in question is Fremont News, a great little magazine newsstand that’s half a block from my office. I buy the occasional magazine there, but I must admit that Fremont News ...


Deadline Hydra

With a mighty last push, I got the iMovie book out the door on time, and promptly fell into a post-book brain fog. No matter what I try, it takes me about a week to recover from a book project, especially when I’m burning hard at the end (which, um, is often). So now I’m ...


It’s Hard Out Here for a Freelancer

When I first began as a freelance writer, my old boss said, “Great, now you can work 24 hours a day!” He was only half-kidding, of course. Conversely, as a freelancer with no set hours, I could do crazy things like go see a movie in the middle of the afternoon (I’ve done it twice ...


WTF Mac Store

WTF Mac Store Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this sign in the University district, but never had a camera with me… until today. It makes me giggle every time.