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I’m curious to know what you think about how this page is designed: Is it readable? Is the type too big? Click the comment link below if you have an opinion. Thanks!

  1. It looks good to me, although it took a long time to load. Maybe its my dinky dailup connection. The contrast is a little low with the red background, but the size is good, and I appreciate the spacing!

  2. The page design looks fine, although the pumpkin color is a little too Zeldman for my tastes.
    My main complaint is that my comment info doesn’t appear to be remembered, although I’ve checked the “Remember info” box every time. Or possibly, it’s remembering it, but just not autofilling the form fields?

  3. I don’t know what’s causing the Comment info to be lost. I had the same thing happening to me in Safari, and then for whatever reason it’s working fine now. Sounds dumb, but perhaps a computer restart could have something to do with it? (I also had a problem yesterday where my custom Address Bar icon wouldn’t show up no matter what, and now it’s there today.)

  4. It looks great but I would reduce the font size a little bit. Doesn’t fit the screen and you have to scroll back and forth too much. I like the color and the comments

  5. Fonts suck. Just as a technlolgy. So it’s not your fault.
    Colors suck. Just as a physical property. So that’s not really your fault either.
    Web browsers suck. Particuarly for editing. But that’s not really your fault either.
    Movable Type is particularly awkward because it Makes Every Blog Look The Same. It’s sort of the Microsoft Word, Times New Roman 12 of the Weblog phenom as far as I can tell.
    Super Bowls suck because all my neighbors’ smoking friends show up. They’re a group of hackers, all right.
    (Oh. right. Well, the color’s too saturated, making it no fun to read more than a line or two at a time. But thanks for the extra line leading: it helps.)

  6. Please post more comments, I will visit this site again soon.

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