Free Real World GoLive 6 PDF

Glenn and I (to be fair, Glenn did all the work) have released the complete contents of our book Real World Adobe GoLive 6 as a 23 MB downloadable PDF. See Glenn’s weblog post about why.

Also, in response to this action, Doc Searls wonders, “Since books on software have such a short shelf life, how about if publishers (or manufacturers like Adobe) pay guys like Glenn and Jeff to maintain blogs on the subject?”

I think it’s a great question. I don’t get any ongoing payment for maintaining a companion Web site, though I think my book advances have been a little more due to agreeing to do a site (I can’t quantify it, though). I know I’d certainly like an ongoing check… maintaining a companion site ends up being a lot more work than one would expect, work that you hope is being reimbursed by ongoing sales of your book.

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