Ye Olden Days: My Adobe Magazine Articles

Back when I first started as a full-time freelance writer, I was fortunate enough to begin publishing articles in Adobe Magazine. It was a great gig, and eventually turned into a column before Adobe pulled the plug. I was a Web designer as well as a writer back then, and covered the early days of HTML and the World Wide Web. Thanks to a pointer from my friend Glenn Fleishman, I see that those articles are archived and available for reading as PDF files.

For example, here’s an article I wrote in 2000 about using mobile devices to work in areas outside the office such as coffee shops, which was also the first time I was ever the subject of a photo shoot. The photographer, my editor, and I took the Seattle—Bainbridge ferry probably three times while getting various shots of me working.

Adobemag article ferry



  1. Aside from writing and taking pics, do you also make websites? I hope you can write more articles, especially on web design innovations, since you used to be in that field.


  2. Hi Joana. I got out of the Web design business a while ago, when everything started to rely on JavaScript and dynamic back-end databases. I do a little bit of HTML and CSS here and there, but I’m no longer deep in the field like I used to be.


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