TidBITS Redesign Is Now Live!

tblogo8This has been a long time coming, and now I’m happy to announce that the redesigned Web site for TidBITS is now live. The backend was built by Glenn Fleishman, I did the graphics and HTML/CSS, and publishers Adam and Tonya Engst herded Glenn and I.

We’ll be talking more about the redesign in TidBITS in the coming days and weeks, so I won’t go into much detail here. But I want to defend myself a little before the Web designers out there and say that the priority was on shipping, so the CSS and HTML isn’t as clean as it should be (and it’s not quite 100% valid with the W3C’s validator); but that will be rectified as we go along.

The last time I did any significant Web design work was when we used tables to do layout (plus a bunch of other ugly hacks). Glenn and I even wrote a 1,000 page book about Web design using Adobe GoLive way back when. Doing the TidBITS site was a clear revelation: there are no tables that aren’t comprised of actual tabular data; it’s all CSS; and CSS is really a wonderful thing.

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