Goodbye Gonzales. Dems, Don’t Screw This Up, Too

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced his resignation today (effective September 16), eliciting a collective sigh of relief across the nation. The term “incompetent” gets thrown around too much these days (and isn’t that a statement on the political climate we’re living in), so I’m not going to say that Gonzales was incompetent – he was just horribly, embarrassingly bad at his job. Or rather, his second job. His first job and main priority over the years has been to protect George W. Bush, which he’s managed to do in spades, to the incredulity of nearly everyone. It’s just that he was terrible at his second job, which was to serve the American people.

Within the last few weeks, Bush’s brain trust (I use the term loosely) has started to unravel. Rove is exiting, Gonzales is headed out, not to mention all of the other administration lackeys who’ve suddenly realized that they need to spend more quality time with their families. It’s surely a blatant attempt to head for cover now that there’s real heat in the air (subpoenas, and all those pesky facts that have been suppressed for so long which are now finally emerging), in the hopes that they’ll be passed over and people will forget all about it.

So, subpoena-power wielding Democratic legislators, once again we’re at a point where your country is begging you: don’t fuck this up. Don’t go easy on these law-breaking bastards in the name of attaining some higher level of political consciousness. Defend your Constitution, and punish people for the crimes they’ve committed. Political goodwill is fine when you’re dicking around with minor partisan matters, but we’ve reached a point where the current administration has clearly and unashamedly undermined the Constitution, the government, and the American people in its pursuit of power (and don’t kid yourselves thinking that it hasn’t been a giant six-year power grab by the Republican party at every level of government it can get its hands on). Do you want to stay in power yourselves? Do the right thing and crack down on the law breaking and corruption (and that includes members of your own party; you’ve seen what covering up for criminals and pedophiles in their ranks has done for the Republicans).

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