Discussing Pete Souza on the Let’s Talk Photography Podcast

I was a guest on Bart Busschots’s Let’s Talk Photography podcast, discussing the photography of former White House Photographer Pete Souza.

Bart Busschots has started a new feature of his Let’s Talk Photography podcast devoted to discussing a photographer the guest admires. For the latest episode, I chose former White House photographer Pete Souza.

One of the topics I’m glad we touched on was access: yes, Souza had unprecedented access to Obama during his administration, but just being in the room doesn’t guarantee good photos. What is it about Souza’s skills and experience that make his photos great?

Also, for those who know I have strong opinions, we don’t get into politics much in this episode. Many people may not be aware that Souza was a White House photographer for Ronald Reagan during that administration in the 1980s. Rather, part of what interests me about Souza is also the place in history that a White House photographer occupies, and how it’s a job that transcends regular portraiture or even public relations.

Listen to the episode here: Let’s Talk Photography #77 – Jeff Carlson on Pete Souza.

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