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Cutting and Running from ‘Stay the Course’

Josh Marshall succinctly makes one of the most obvious comparisons: Bush the president and Bush the failed CEO/entrepreneur are exactly the same: Fundamentally, it doesn’t have to do with military strategy or ideology. It has to do with coming to grips with the monumental failure he has wrought, which of course he can never do. ...


The Crook List

Wonkette has started assembling a list of Bush administration and Republican figures who have been imprisoned or resigned for legal reasons: The Crook List. Boy, that’s a lot of crooks.


To My Republican-Supporting Friends and Family Members

Due to a bill that passed in the Senate today, I want you to understand just what you’ve been supporting since electing George W. Bush as President. I suspect that you’ve bought into the drumbeat, forced into your consciousness, that Democrats are terrorist sympathizers and are interested only in “cutting and running.” But let’s look ...


Forget false “compromise”: block torture altogether

Glenn Greenwald, writing at Salon, notes why all the talk of a Republican compromise over the detainee interrogation bill that Bush wants passed is bunk (“The president’s power to imprison people forever“). The fact that the government is actively trying to legalize torture is amazing to me, and proves that the country is off the ...


Broke. The. Law.

President Bush today vowed that he would overturn yesterday’s ruling that the government’s warrantless wiretapping program is, in fact, illegal. The best part of the ruling is this: We must first note that the Office of the Chief Executive has itself been created, with its powers, by the Constitution. There are no hereditary Kings in ...


My Dog Is Smarter

My friend Mark created this bumper sticker (“My Dog Is Smarter Than Your President”) on his own printer a while back, and I encouraged him to make a real bumper-sticker out of it. Now, thanks to the wonders of Café Press, you can buy one ($4), plus T-shirts with variations like “My Lab is Smarter…” ...


Nuke the Messenger

I’ve long believed (in any administration), that when you start blaming the media, it’s a clear sign that your problems are your own, and the media is just a convenient way to distract attention from yourself. Bush and the Republicans have taken that to the extreme this week by claiming that the New York Time’s ...


The Constitution Is Important When It’s Directed at You

Wanted to pass this along from Dailykos, which sums up what I think too: Pardon my cynicism for a moment. But in the wake of the raid on Congressman Jefferson’s office, all the flutter in the legislative and executive branches about concepts like the “separation of powers” and “constitutionally protected areas” has a tangibly synthetic ...


Imprisoning Journalists

This is simultaneously chilling and yet not surprising: The administration’s assault on a free and vital press took a huge leap forward this weekend, when Attorney General Alberto Gonazles announced on national television that the Bush administration has the power to imprison journalists who publish stories revealing conduct by the President which the administration wants ...


Schneier on Security: The Value of Privacy

Security expert Bruce Schneier puts it best: The Value of Privacy Last week, revelation of yet another NSA surveillance effort against the American people has rekindled the privacy debate. Those in favor of these programs have trotted out the same rhetorical question we hear every time privacy advocates oppose ID checks, video cameras, massive databases, ...