There is no Blue Wave

There is only your vote. Be a voter on November 6.

There is no Blue Wave.

There is only your vote.

As we get closer to Nov 6, there is definitely energy among progressive candidates and voters. We’re seeing enthusiasm the likes of which has been missing for quite some time. But even in areas where Democrats are making gains or coming within a few percentage points of their GOP opposition, none of those are sure things.

There is no Blue Wave.

We can’t be confident and assume that others will do the voting for us. That’s what gave us Donald Trump.

We’re two years into an administration that proves, on a daily basis, that it doesn’t represent the majority of Americans. It’s an administration that is widely corrupt, that has intentionally separated families and continues to hold children in for-profit detainment camps, that vows to remove health care benefits families need, that openly denies millions of citizens their right to vote. These aren’t political accusations—these are facts, which the Trump administration admits and boasts about.

At any previous time in our nation’s history, those facts would ensure a landslide midterm rout, deservedly. But times have changed.

Every race is much closer than it should be.

There is no Blue Wave.

There is only your vote.

Yes, you. Not your friend who posts political memes on Facebook. Not the people who keep up with the news.

You, a citizen of the United States of America, with the right and hard-won privilege to vote and choose the people who will represent your interests.

Because when those people are no longer representing your interests, you have the power to replace them with representatives who will.

There is no Blue Wave. There is only your vote.

Be a voter.

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