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New Aluminum Apple Cinema Displays

Apple announced at its Worldwide Developer Conference revamped Apple Cinema Displays, including a whopping 30-inch Cinema HD Display capable of displaying 4 million pixels. It works only with the Power Mac G5, though, and even then only if you have the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL. The displays are now in a lightweight aluminum minimalist ...


Tiger Tales: New iChat AV and Video Codec

Apple previewed Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger today at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Although it won’t be released until “the first half of 2005,” Apple showed off some tantalizing stuff. For example, the next version of iChat AV will support 10 simultaneous audio chats, and video chats of up to four people. And this being ...


NYTimes on Distributing Home DVDs

The New York Times today published an article about how some people are taking advantage of home DVD-creation technology to put out discs of niche subjects, such as high school football seasons and independent features: Technology > Circuits > In the Era of Cheap DVD’s, Anyone Can Be a Producer” href=””> In the Era of ...

d Movie Competition Winners

It’s turning into a busy day for iMovie-related news. has posted the winners of its <a href="2004 Movie Competition. Go check ’em out!


My New iMovie 4 Book Is Now Available!

Last week I received my contributor copies, and today I see that Amazon is now shipping my latest book iMovie 4 & iDVD 4 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide! I haven’t seen it appear in bookstores yet, but it should either be on shelves now or will be shortly. This edition adds nearly ...


iMovie 4 in TidBITS

I wrote an article for this week’s TidBITS about iMovie 4: TidBITS: iMovie 4 in the Viewfinder. I’ll be writing a followup that covers some tips and changes in iDVD 4 for an upcoming issue.


iMovie 4.0.1 & QuickTime 6.5.1

Apple is on an update spree today. In addition to iTunes 4.5, the company has posted iMovie for Mac OS X 4.0.1, which fixes a host of issues that people have been running into with iMovie 4: This update provides increased performance when working with large projects, such as editing video clips and audio volume. ...


New iBooks & PowerBooks

Apple released new iBooks and PowerBooks today, with faster specs and, nicely, a faster SuperDrive (4x vs. 2x).


I Review iMovie 4, iDVD 4 for Macworld

Macworld Magazine has posted their review of iLife ’04, which includes reviews I wrote about iMovie 4 and iDVD 4. Check ’em out, and tell me if you agree or disagree with my conclusions.


Another Filmfest: is having an iMovie filmfest, with prizes of 40 GB iPods, iPod minis, and $50 iTunes Music Store gift certificates. Due date is April 14, 2004.