iMovie 4.0.1 & QuickTime 6.5.1

Apple is on an update spree today. In addition to iTunes 4.5, the company has posted iMovie for Mac OS X 4.0.1, which fixes a host of issues that people have been running into with iMovie 4:

    This update provides increased performance when working with large projects, such as editing video clips and audio volume. iMovie 4.0.1 provides increased reliability when the application opens, when titles are added to the timeline, and with 3rd party plug-ins that are removed or no longer available to an iMovie project (for example, when you open a project on a different computer). Other improvements include fixes for pixelated video, corrupted Ken Burns clips, and loss of audio, which could occur after editing video or audio and then emptying the trash.

Also released is QuickTime 6.5.1, which adds support for the new Apple Lossless Encoder, and no doubt incorporates fixes that apply to iMovie.

As a precaution, I recommend making a copy of your iMovie application before upgrading, since the 4.0.1 version will replace your 4.0 version.

  1. The new fix appears to address the Ken Burns zoom bug that we’ve been corresponding about. Hooray!


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