New Aluminum Apple Cinema Displays

Apple announced at its Worldwide Developer Conference revamped Apple Cinema Displays, including a whopping 30-inch Cinema HD Display capable of displaying 4 million pixels. It works only with the Power Mac G5, though, and even then only if you have the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL.

The displays are now in a lightweight aluminum minimalist enclosure, and are brighter and sharper than previous displays. They also use DVI connectors instead of the proprietary ADC connectors, which is cool because they plug into current PowerBooks without an adapter. (The 23-inch and 20-inch models can be used with compatible Windows-based PCs, which should help to fatten Apple’s bottom line.)

I know you can get LCD displays cheaper elsewhere, but if I were to get one today (they’re great for video editing), I’d go with one of these. The 20-inch ($1,200) and 23-inch ($2,000) will be available in July. The 30-inch ($3,300) will arrive in August.

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