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iMovie HD/iDVD 5 VQS Now Available!

My author copies arrived last week, which means that iMovie HD & iDVD 5 for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide is now officially available! (As of the afternoon of May 29, Amazon still lists it as not yet shipping, but when I get my copies it’s usually just a few days before the title hits Amazon ...


iMovie HD VQS to Peachpit!

The sprint from Macworld Expo to now is finally over, now that iMovie HD and iDVD 5 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide has been sent to Peachpit, and by now is on the hallowed servers of the book’s printer. Looking at Amazon, the book is currently priced 32% off, or $13.59. You can ...


This Tiger Purrs

Last week was a mix of all-out working and some rare relaxation, which is why I’m a week late in posting this: Glenn Fleishman and I reviewed Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger for The Seattle Times, which includes a goofy picture of me (and, again, has only Glenn’s name on the byline for the online ...


QuickTime 7 HD Gallery

So, you’ve installed Tiger or QuickTime 7, and want to sample some juicy HD video content? Apple has posted a QuickTime 7 HD Gallery, with movies, music videos, and trailers in H.264 format.


Pricing Deal on iMovie HD/iDVD 5 QuickProject

It’s funny, but Amazon has offered discounted books for so long that I just assumed that discounts automatically apply. But when I last looked at the Amazon page for Making a Movie in iMovie HD and iDVD 5: Visual QuickProject Guide, it has no discount. (Of course, the book is ridiculously low-priced at $12.99, but ...


Typo in iMovie 4/iDVD 4 QuickProject

Alert reader John pointed out that a sentence was cut off on page 72 of the first edition of Making a Movie with iMovie and iDVD: Visual QuickProject Guide. In the last “extra bits” column, the sentence should end, “… via Bluetooth in the Share dialog.” Fortunately, that error was corrected in the second edition ...


FC Studio, Adobe, and NAB

My brain is exploding today. Partly that’s because I was up until 3 am editing today’s super-packed TidBITS issue (which will go online later today, and by the way, TidBITS turns 15 this week!). But also because Apple announced Final Cut Studio at NAB, which includes Final Cut Pro 5 (with native HDV support, not ...


Menu Icons and Tiger

My latest Seattle Times column is now online, which looks at the valuable menu bar utilities and notes the upcoming release of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Menu-bar icons prove invaluable.


Making Slideshows on the Mac

I forgot to post this when it was live, but my last Seattle Times column covered making slideshows on the Mac, using iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD: So many iPhoto options make creating slide shows fun (the headline doesn’t make sense, since it’s not just about iPhoto, but I didn’t write it).


Too Nice Not to Share

Sometimes the life of a computer-book author is lonely, which is why the following email truly made my day today. Thank you so much for publishing your Visual Quickstart Guide to iMovie and iDVD. My daughter had a project (a DVD about Middle School Band) that all of a sudden was due last Friday. She ...