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iMovie 3 and FileVault

Apple has released a TechNote explaining that using Mac OS X 10.3 Panther’s new FileVault data-encryption feature can affect performance. The issue is that FileVault encrypts your Home folder, which by default is where iMovie saves its projects (in the Movies folder). The Home folder becomes one large encrypted file, so anything stored within must ...


iMovie Tips in TidBITS

I wrote an article last week for Monday’s TidBITS, iMovie 3 Tips and Gotchas, talking about some of the cool things that iMovie 3 can do (such as the reference movie that’s generated) as well as pointing out existing problems that people can hopefully work around. I’ve gotten a few interesting responses from readers, one ...


Appearance at Bellevue Square Apple Store

Got an iMovie question or just want to hobnob about video editing? I’ll be conducting a workshop and signing copies of the iMovie 3 VQS at the Bellevue Square Apple Store in Bellevue, WA on Saturday July 19, at 10:30 am. Drop by and say hello!


Added Google AdSense

The text banner at the top of the page below the title is the product of Google’s AdSense program. You’ve probably run into a few of these on the Web already, and you’re sure to see a lot more. Essentially, it’s a mechanism whereby every time someone clicks on a link, I earn a tiny ...


Strange Amazon Shipping Surcharge lists the iMovie 3 VQS as having a shipping surcharge of $3.80 due to its “unusual size or weight”. Considering that the book is 194 pages, this is clearly screwy. Other books, such as Tom Negrino’s Keynote VQS show the same thing. I’ve let Peachpit know about this, and I have some friends at ...


Book In My Hands

A surprise delivery from UPS: the first copy of iMovie 3: VQS! Man, that was quick… about two weeks from final delivery of files to the printer. Expect to see the book in stores and online in another week or so!


iMovie 3.0.3 – Go Get It

On the same day that Apple released QuickTime 6.3, they also rolled out iMovie 3.0.3 (quite the busy day for the Cupertino crowd!). Although it doesn’t fix all of the outstanding problems with iMovie 3, performance seems greatly improved, and there’s now a control for enabling or disabling the Ken Burns Effect. I’m writing this ...


QuickTime 6.3 Released

Apple has made QuickTime 6.3 available today. Amid a bunch of added acronyms, the About page says, “Significant improvements to DV audio and video synchronization.” Hopefully, this will solve many of the A/V exporting issues that many iMovie users are experiencing. The update is available through Software Update, or can be downloaded (20 MB) from ...


It’s a Wrap!

I received word yesterday from Peachpit that the iMovie 3 book went off to the printer! Expect to see it on store shelves within three to four weeks. Between now and then, I’ll be looking at options for putting some material online, or possibly making the entire PDF of the book available, either as a ...


iM3 VQS Preview in Macworld

I haven’t seen it yet, but the current issue of Macworld on the newsstands includes a booklet insert that contains a few pages from the iMovie 3 VQS, plus material covering the rest of the iLife suite (excerpts from Adam Engst’s iPhoto 2 VQS, and Bob LeVitus’s Little iTunes Book and Little iDVD Book). Topics ...