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Working at Seattle Public Library

<img src="" width="125" height="94" border="0" hspace="3" alt=" Seattle Public Library” align=”right”>I’m spending the morning in downtown Seattle, so I’ve claimed a desk at the new Seattle Public Library, designed by Rem Koolhaas. It’s a great structure, even if it’s a little out of place downtown – but that makes it more appealing to me, frankly. ...


Cool Lightning Photo

Marc Laidlaw has a photo from the same lightning storm that I watched, only his is better than my video: he snapped his picture just as a bolt of lightning struck a tree in his yard! Great picture.


Late-Night Lightshow

I was about to go to bed late last night when the living room briefly filled with white light. Although the weather has been incredible, a thunderstorm rolled in and treated us to a late-night lightning storm. This is fairly rare in Seattle, so I grabbed my video camera and sat outside on the deck ...


Ballistic Nylon

One of the joys of working for TidBITS is that we learn more about the words we use. In last week’s issue, I wrote an article about what to look for when buying a laptop bag. So tonight I received an email from one of our translators asking, “I see the term ‘ballistic nylon’ everywhere, ...


William Gibson Quote

Good interview with William Gibson as he does a book tour to promote the paperback version of Pattern Recognition, one of my favorite books last year. I love this quote: “The dire thing that multinational globalization seems to be doing is reducing the amount of genuine stuff in the world and replacing it with imitation ...


Excercising with Arnold

I was scanning the list of new songs added to the iTunes Music Store and came across this gem (URL takes you directly to the song track in iTunes, if it’s installed). My question is: why is it just a partial album? How can I do the Total Body Workout with just two songs?



I love October and Halloween. The changing leaves, the crisp air, hot spiced cider, the works. First, go check out the folks there redesign their site in honor of their favorite holiday, and also create custom icon sets (I’m fond of World of Aqua: After Dark). Also, driving near work, I saw the following ...



Time to reveal one of my secret, unfulfilled obsessions: Sony’s AIBO robotic dog. I think they’re incredibly cool, and it’s been interesting to see them advance over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, they’re still a high-ticket item that I just haven’t had the cash to shell out for, so my hands-on experience with AIBO ...


More iTunes Coolness: iChat Status

Here’s a fun little hack: iChatStatus. If you’re listening to iTunes, iChatStatus lists the artist and song name in the status area of iChat’s window, and people who have you listed in their buddy list can see what you’re listening to. Less than five minutes after I installed it, I received an instant message from ...


Watching Tour de France

I’m working on an article with the TV on in the background, watching the riders of the Tour de France climb in the Alps. I’ve never really followed the Tour, but I like to catch some of the televised coverage. Mostly, this is because it’s fun to watch the crowds. You see quite a few ...