Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera

A couple weeks ago, I praised caffeine because I was consuming so much espresso while simultaneously editing three Take Control ebooks. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to get some sleep this last week (which is a change — at one point I slept 8 hours, not consecutively, over a 72 hour period).

The fruits of that labor? On Friday we published Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera, by professional photographer (and now author) Laurence Chen. Although I’ve purchased a few digital cameras, I learned a lot editing this $5 title. For example, the photography specifications that used to make my eyes glaze over (especially the millimeter measurements of lenses and their zoom capacities) are now comprehensible! Larry reveals that buying a digital camera is a process, not a wild accumulation of marketing bullets. Here’s the blurb about this excellent ebook:

Overwhelmed by choices when purchasing a digital camera? Turn to professional photographer Larry Chen for the practical advice you need to sort through the hundreds of digital cameras for sale.

Rather than bury you with arcane technical details or a myriad camera models, Larry first steps you through a process designed to help you determine how much you want to spend, what sort of pictures you’re likely to take, and what aspects of using a camera are important to you. With that grounding, you’re ready to learn about the different camera features, separated by those that are actually important and those that merely fill up feature checklists. The ebook even contains a camera comparison worksheet you can fill in while shopping. Additional sections give you pointers on how to read camera reviews (plus a list of the best review sites!), advice about evaluating picture quality, suggestions of where to buy your camera, the lowdown on accessories you might want, and tips on working with photos on your computer.

Includes a coupon worth $5 off any order at Small Dog Electronics, making this ebook free if you buy your camera from Small Dog!

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