eSCENE Temporary Home

[Update: I was mistaken. wasn’t working due to a configuration glitch, not because Glenn turned off the server. The site works now as it did. But the following rambling memories still apply.]

Several years ago, just as the Web was starting up, I started an online literary magazine (ezine) called eSCENE, which served as an online equivalent to Best American Short Stories. I asked for other ezine editors to submit the top 10 percent of the stories they published during the year; I contacted the authors asking permission to review the stories; and then, with the help of a guest editor and assistant editor, we published the best. I released three volumes of eSCENE, which I’m enormously proud of.

Pretty soon after, I started my life as a freelance writer and editor, and suddenly found myself without a lot of free time. Especially in the early days, I was working absurdly long hours to just to stay afloat. Unfortunately, one side effect was that I couldn’t keep up with eSCENE, and so the 1997 edition is the last one published.

For the last several years, eSCENE has been hosted on a server here in my office, owned by my friend Glenn Fleishman. However, he’s been dismantling his servers in favor of external hosting solutions (and the desire to no longer babysit servers), which means that currently eSCENE doesn’t exist at its URL, I’m in the process of getting the domain transferred from Network Solutions to easyDNS, but since it’s a dot-org, it takes a bit more work.

So, for the time being, eSCENE can now be found at If you like short fiction, I encourage you to go read the stories (and check out the then-cutting-edge Web design!). Someday I want to resurrect eSCENE, but that time isn’t here yet.

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