Great Cause, Great Customer Service

This month I’m going to pay off two credit cards (yay!!!), so I’m making sure that any recurring charges to those cards are being moved off to my one remaining card. One of those charges is a monthly donation to a great local charity: Feed Washington provides food for hungry children in Washington state. As founder Eirik Olsen puts it:

Childhood hunger is an ongoing, recurring problem which, we feel, requires and deserves an ongoing and recurring solution. Also, the motivational and inspirational components of a recurring donation strategy must not be underestimated. With this strategy, Feed Washington will never have a bad month; we will always add to our monthly total, and will therefore always be moving a step closer to our goal of ending childhood hunger!

The donation system in place isn’t sophisticated enough to let me change my credit card, so I sent an email to Eirik asking how best to make the transition. His reply arrived a few minutes later (keep in mind that I’m writing this at about midnight), telling me that he cancelled my previous credit card number, and asking me to either go to the Web site and make a new donation, or just call him at his home phone number. Now that’s customer service!

But what I like the most about Eirik’s approach is that he currently pays all of the credit card transaction fees out of his own pocket — that way, all of the donated money goes toward feeding kids. I doubled my donation. If you want to consider donating, see Feed Washington’s Donation Page. (And yes, for those of you who are starting to prepare for April 15, it’s a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization.)

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