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Take Control of Recording with GarageBand

I mentioned that I was editing three Take Control ebooks, and now the third has just hit: Jeff Tolbert’s Take Control of Recording with GarageBand. I’m not a musician (though I’ve recently started to take up the guitar), but I can see how someone with desire and $10 can make professional-sounding recordings using GarageBand and ...


Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera

A couple weeks ago, I praised caffeine because I was consuming so much espresso while simultaneously editing three Take Control ebooks. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to get some sleep this last week (which is a change — at one point I slept 8 hours, not consecutively, over a 72 hour period). ...


Lunar Eclipse Video

Tonight was a total lunar eclipse, which won’t happen again until 2007. Uncharacteristically, the Seattle sky was completely clear, so I was able to point my video camera out the window and tape the eclipse. I used iStopMotion to take a snapshot every 15 seconds. As you’ll be able to see, I had to move ...


Mount St. Helens Eruption Movies

We Seattleites have been keeping an eye on our sister Mount St. Helens as she lets off some steam. I’m not worried about a massive eruption, but it’s still pretty cool to see nature at work on a large scale. Now, you can see the volcano cam images as movies! (The enormous fly that appears ...



A nice little pick-me-up today: I went to buy some new clothes and had to go down a size in jeans to a 32. Last year I lost 30 pounds thanks to diet (Weight Watchers Online, i.e., “Forget Atkins, Just East Sensibly and Control Your Portions”) and exercise (riding my bike to work), and went ...


Benjamin Warner Fleishman

My friend and officemate Glenn Fleishman is now a dad! Please welcome Benjamin Warner Fleishman to the world. (Click for larger images.)    Updated: Glenn has posted more pictures, including one of yours truly demonstrating the proper Boppie technique to the new parents.


Working at Seattle Public Library

<img src="" width="125" height="94" border="0" hspace="3" alt=" Seattle Public Library” align=”right”>I’m spending the morning in downtown Seattle, so I’ve claimed a desk at the new Seattle Public Library, designed by Rem Koolhaas. It’s a great structure, even if it’s a little out of place downtown – but that makes it more appealing to me, frankly. ...


Cool Lightning Photo

Marc Laidlaw has a photo from the same lightning storm that I watched, only his is better than my video: he snapped his picture just as a bolt of lightning struck a tree in his yard! Great picture.


Late-Night Lightshow

I was about to go to bed late last night when the living room briefly filled with white light. Although the weather has been incredible, a thunderstorm rolled in and treated us to a late-night lightning storm. This is fairly rare in Seattle, so I grabbed my video camera and sat outside on the deck ...


Ballistic Nylon

One of the joys of working for TidBITS is that we learn more about the words we use. In last week’s issue, I wrote an article about what to look for when buying a laptop bag. So tonight I received an email from one of our translators asking, “I see the term ‘ballistic nylon’ everywhere, ...