Lunar Eclipse Video

Tonight was a total lunar eclipse, which won’t happen again until 2007. Uncharacteristically, the Seattle sky was completely clear, so I was able to point my video camera out the window and tape the eclipse. I used iStopMotion to take a snapshot every 15 seconds. As you’ll be able to see, I had to move the camera frequently to keep the moon in frame (the other option was to be totally zoomed out to catch the full arc, but then the moon would have been an even smaller blip on the screen). Perhaps when I have some free time I’ll edit the images so that the frame is centered on the moon itself. Until then, enjoy! (Click the image below for 150K QuickTime movie; click here for a larger 360K version.)

  1. i need a video with a lunar eclipse to use in a play i’m directing, it shouldn’t be longer than 25min or around it. can u help me? cheers…


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