Why Lightroom CC Is a Big Step Up from Apple’s Photos

Over at TidBITS, I compare the new Lightroom CC application to Apple’s Photos.

Hey, have you heard that there’s a new Lightroom application available for Mac and Windows? Did you know that I just wrote a book about it? (I know, it’s more than a little obvious.) But do you know how Lightroom CC compares to Apple’s Photos application?

Over at TidBITS, I pit the two photo editing tools against each other, explaining why Lightroom CC is a good step up from Photos. From the introduction:

Whenever new photo software appears, it triggers a round of evaluation for photographers. Should you investigate the new app, or is what you’re using now working well enough for your needs? I suspect many Mac users are using the Photos app in macOS and iOS, along with iCloud Photo Library for syncing among multiple devices.

Essentially, Lightroom’s selective editing tools—such as gradient and brush masks—is a compelling reason to switch. Even though Photos still remains a good photo editor, but Lightroom pushes past it, especially if you want to edit on mobile devices. On the other hand, Photos and iCloud Photo Library are less expensive.

Read it here, and feel free to comment below or at the article itself: Why Lightroom CC Is a Big Step Up from Apple’s Photos.

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