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Why Lightroom CC Is a Big Step Up from Apple’s Photos

Over at TidBITS, I compare the new Lightroom CC application to Apple's Photos.

I Review Luminar in TidBITS

I review Luminar, an excellent editor that takes a modern approach to the process of adjusting photos.


5 Easy Steps to Back Up Your Photos and Videos

Your photos and videos are valuable, irreplaceable…and fragile. Digital photography makes it possible to capture and store thousands of photos, but a malfunctioning disk or power surge can rip them all away in a moment. But that’s not going to happen to you. Not because the heavens favor your computer over all others (they don’t), ...


Photos for OS X Editing Extensions

The version of Photos for OS X that shipped with OS X El Capitan adds a new capability to Apple’s built-in photo management software: editing extensions. Although the adjustment tools in Photos are surprisingly sophisticated, they’re still fairly limited (and you still can’t edit an image in another application without exporting it first, a feature ...


Now Available: Second Edition of Take Control of Your Digital Photos on a Mac

I’m happy to announce that the big second edition of my ebook Take Control of Your Digital Photos on a Mac is now available! The first edition came out two years ago, and in that time a lot has changed for Mac-owning photographers. The biggest shift for many people was Apple discontinuing iPhoto and Aperture, ...


Demystifying iCloud Photo Library

Apple’s iCloud Photo Library is a great service, but there are a lot of questions surrounding it. Do I need to buy more iCloud storage? What happens when I edit a photo on my iOS device and on my Mac? Does everything need to live in the cloud? Over at Peachpit.com, I’ve just published an ...


6 Easily Overlooked Features in Photos for OS X

My publisher Peachpit Press has posted an article I wrote that exposes six features that aren’t immediately apparent in the new Photos for OS X app: 6 Easily Overlooked Features in Photos for OS X If you already own my new book, these won’t come as a surprise, but if you’re just coming from iPhoto ...


Free Chapter of Photos for OS X and iOS Book

Are you confused about the differences between iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Photo Sharing, and My Photostream? (You’re not the only one.) Peachpit has published a sample chapter of my book Photos for OS X and iOS on their site, and chose “iCloud Photo Library” as the chapter to share. View the chapter on the Web ...


Macworld Reviews PowerPhotos 1.0

At Macworld, Glenn Fleishman reviews PowerPhotos 1.0, a companion utility for Photos for OS X that can find duplicates, easily manage multiple Photos libraries, and help migrate iPhoto and Aperture libraries to Photos for OS X. The software does not merge Photos libraries; if you specifically want that feature, pick up iPhoto Library Manager by ...


Appearance on Tech Night Owl to Talk Photos for OS X, Apple Watch

This week I was a guest of Gene Steinberg’s at The Tech Night Owl radio show, where we talked about my new book Photos for OS X and iOS, Apple’s Photos app and its photography ecosystem, the Apple Watch and my Apple Watch: a Take Control Crash Course book, as well as the timely topic ...