Pre-MW Expo rumors: iMovie HD, iDVD 5

Think Secret is reporting that Apple will introduce iLife ’05 at next week’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco: Road to Expo: iLife ’05, Keynote 2 to debut. iDVD 5, code-named Maui, will include a number of new features, including one-step DV-to-DVD creation. For users wanting to simply take the contents of a DV tape and ...


Video of Self-Armored Humvee

Salon has video from an upcoming documentary showing how soldiers “uparmored” their Humvee using scrap metal found in Iraq: Sneak peek: “Gunner Palace”.


Schneier’s Security Advice

Crypto and security expert Bruce Schneier offers a good list of suggestions to improve one’s Internet security. Most of these are Windows-specific (don’t use Internet Explorer, don’t open joke emails or other forwarded material with attachments, etc.), but it’s a good list for Mac and Linux users, too.


Two New Take Control Ebooks

I’ve been editing like a mad thing lately, but now that work is being rewarded. Two more Take Control ebooks are now available, both edited by me. And though neither directly deals with iMovie, they’ll probably interest you enough to check them out. Take Control of Recording with GarageBand, by Jeff Tolbert ($10) will help ...


Take Control of Recording with GarageBand

I mentioned that I was editing three Take Control ebooks, and now the third has just hit: Jeff Tolbert’s Take Control of Recording with GarageBand. I’m not a musician (though I’ve recently started to take up the guitar), but I can see how someone with desire and $10 can make professional-sounding recordings using GarageBand and ...


Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera

A couple weeks ago, I praised caffeine because I was consuming so much espresso while simultaneously editing three Take Control ebooks. I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to get some sleep this last week (which is a change — at one point I slept 8 hours, not consecutively, over a 72 hour period). ...


iMovie Make-a-Wish Part 2

Tonight was the Make-a-Wish event for Wendy, and I’m happy to say it went very well. Wendy picked up quite the haul of hardware, and I’m sure she’ll have fun using it. Thanks again to Kevin and the rest of the folks at the Apple Store University Village for their time and effort!


Army Seeks More Armored Humvees

CNN reports: Army seeks more armored Humvees. This is good to see, but it’s terrible that it didn’t happen until it became a public relations problem. The U.S. Army is renegotiating with a Florida company to increase production of uparmored Humvees from 450 a month up to 550 a month, a senior Pentagon official said ...


Shifting the Blame, and Bush Lies Again

Following the flap where a soldier asked Rumsfeld about the lack of armor for troops, I see that the current news is that a reporter planted GI’s question for Rumsfeld. By doing so, the Pentagon and the White House want to make people think it was an attack on a member of the administration, and ...


Armor Shortage Is Pentagon’s Fault

Found on Atrios: Despite Rumsfeld’s comment that the government is working as hard as it can to provide armor for troops, actual capacity is only 75 percent, and the sole manufacturer of body armor is just waiting for the Pentagon to place an order. The American Street » what price physics?. Armor Holdings Inc., the ...

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