More MacBook Benchmarks

David Nagel at Creative Mac throws Final Cut Studio 5.1 at the MacBook and finds it… surprisingly capable! Motion didn’t fare as well due to the integrated graphics processor of the MacBook, but it fared well consideirng that Apple says the whole suite is flat-out not supported—that’s no doubt to minimize expectations.

Although you can’t directly correlate these performance notes to how iMovie would fare on a MacBook, it’s enough to say that the little laptop can hold its own. As I’ve mentioned, I bought a MacBook last week, but I’m also in the last sprint (with still a lot to do) to finish the book update, so I’ve not had a chance to really look at the iLife performance.

  1. I have a brand new black Macbook with duo 2 ghz and 2 gb of ram, but in iMovie, it is much slower at rendering effects than my old 1 ghz Power Book with 1 gb of ram! What is going on here? I’ve tested several different file sizes and always get the old 1ghz Power Book as the clear champ! Is it that iMovie isn’t coded correctly to use the power of the Duo prc and or faster bus with more ram?


  2. That’s really weird. I wonder if it’s because many of the effects take advantage of a computer’s dedicated graphics processor, and since the MacBook doesn’t have this (it uses the main processor instead), the performance is slower. But still… the Core Duo should more than make up for it, especially compared to a 1 GHz PowerBook G4.
    I’m guessing so, but have you upgraded to the latest revisions of iMovie and QuickTime?


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