The Constitution Is Important When It’s Directed at You

Wanted to pass this along from Dailykos, which sums up what I think too:

Pardon my cynicism for a moment. But in the wake of the raid on Congressman Jefferson’s office, all the flutter in the legislative and executive branches about concepts like the “separation of powers” and “constitutionally protected areas” has a tangibly synthetic feel to it, does it not?

So Dennis “Don’t Tell Anyone I’m Under Investigation” Hastert suddenly dusted off his copy of the Constitution. And Bill “Ongoing SEC Investigation” Frist wants procedures in place to know “exactly what will happen if there is a similar sort of thing.” Of course he does.

And let’s look at Alberto Gonzales, who didn’t resign over Bush’s domestic spying program, who didn’t resign over his laughably dishonest definition of torture, who didn’t resign when he was caught perjuring himself before Congress–he now threatens to resign if he has to hand back a few papers? Please, spare me the political theater. I agree with Steve Soto over at the Left Coaster. This is all utter bullshit.

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