Added Google AdSense

The text banner at the top of the page below the title is the product of Google’s AdSense program. You’ve probably run into a few of these on the Web already, and you’re sure to see a lot more. Essentially, it’s a mechanism whereby every time someone clicks on a link, I earn a tiny ...


No Video from iSight

Apple’s new iSight video camera won’t capture video to iMovie, according to an Apple KnowledgeBase document. The iSight doesn’t output in the DV format that iMovie recognizes. However, you can use the iSight as a good-quality microphone to record voice-overs within iMovie. If you have a digital camcorder already, however, you don’t need a $150 ...


iMovie 3 VQS Now Available!

My latest book, iMovie 3 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide is now shipping! This edition covers everything about editing video using iMovie 3 through the just-released iMovie 3.0.3 update (thanks to the confluence of Apple releasing the software the day before bluelines arrived at the publisher, resulting in a very hectic day of ...


Strange Amazon Shipping Surcharge

Amazon.com lists the iMovie 3 VQS as having a shipping surcharge of $3.80 due to its “unusual size or weight”. Considering that the book is 194 pages, this is clearly screwy. Other books, such as Tom Negrino’s Keynote VQS show the same thing. I’ve let Peachpit know about this, and I have some friends at ...


Book In My Hands

A surprise delivery from UPS: the first copy of iMovie 3: VQS! Man, that was quick… about two weeks from final delivery of files to the printer. Expect to see the book in stores and online in another week or so!


Bush Falls Off Segway

Clearly, he was leaning too far to the Right.


Importing iMovie 3.0.3 Projects into FCE

MacFixIt reports that Final Cut Express cannot import iMovie 3.0.3 files, saying that the project file isn’t an iMovie 3 file. No doubt this will be fixed in a future update. But if you’re creating movies in iMovie 3.0.3 and then handing them off to someone using FCE (or switching between the two programs yourself), ...


New Favorite Coffeehouse

Herkimer Coffee is my new favorite coffeehouse. Why? Location: At the corner of Greenwood and N. 74th St. in Seattle, it gets a good deal of foot traffic, lots of morning coffee commuters, and there are a number of cool funky shops nearby. Caffe Vita Coffee: Caffe Vita is a Seattle coffee roaster that’s starting ...


Puzzling Architecture

Architecture can be so vague… I wonder what this future store could possibly be? (Taken on Chicago’s “Miracle Mile” section of Michigan St.; click for larger image.)


Crop Photos Using Ken Burns Effect

You can use the Ken Burns Effect to crop photos: At the Start stage, specify a zoom amount. Then Option-click the Finish button to set the same zoom value. When you click the Apply button, the photo is added to the Timeline as a regular still photo, not a Ken Burns clip. You can also ...

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