I’m currently working on a book about iChat AV, so I’ve got an iSight mounted on my PowerBook’s lid. While it works great as a webcam, it can double as a camcorder, too, using iRecordNow by Boinx. You can get a 1-day trial license, or purchase it for $15. Boinx also makes iStopMotion for filming ...


Big & Bold, Bigger

Most of the early iMovie plug-ins focused on effects and transitions, but more of them are now offering enhanced titles. Stupendous Software has released Big & Bold. You can download five free effects from their site, too.


iChat Sounds

Tired of “bloop” and “boit”? You can assign any sound file to actions in iChat, such as when a buddy logs in or someone invites you to chat. Pixelhaus has made a collection of Matrix-themed sounds available today, which are pretty good. The other sets for Wild West and LV426 (Alien) are also done well. ...


I’ll Skip the New 24

The new season of 24 is about to start, and it sounds like it suffers from the same malady that caused me to lose interest about a third into season two: Jack Bauer’s daughter, Kim. The New York Times review, Countering Terrorists, and a Dense Daughter, sums it up exactly: The bad news is that ...



I love October and Halloween. The changing leaves, the crisp air, hot spiced cider, the works. First, go check out Iconfactory.com: the folks there redesign their site in honor of their favorite holiday, and also create custom icon sets (I’m fond of World of Aqua: After Dark). Also, driving near work, I saw the following ...


DV Backup

I don’t claim to keep up-to-date with everything – there just isn’t that much time. Which is why it’s great to run across cool things in other places, such as the latest issue of Macworld that arrived today. Dan Frakes writes about DV Backup, a utility for using your camcorder and MiniDV tapes as a ...


Internet Video iMovie Contest

Internet Video Magazine is now accepting submissions for its iMovie Contest 2003. Send them your iMovie-created movie, 3 minutes or shorter, to win an iPod.


Avid Free DV

Avid has finally made its iMovie competitor available (after touting it at Macworld Expo last January). Avid Free DV is a free 25.6 MB download.


The Machines Are Aware

For no good overarching reason, I’ve been making lots of tech changes recently – and so far, the machines are aware and are rebelling. First it was the PowerBook G4, which I’ve been using as my main machine for a little over three years. The day before new PowerBooks were announced, my baby decided to ...


Bionic Office

I’m drooling at the design, the implementation, and most of all the thought that went into the new offices for Fog Creek Software, as related by Joel Spolsky in Bionic Office. How often do you see something and say, “Wow, they really get it“? Beautiful.

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