Recent Writings

I’ve been doing a fair bit of article writing lately (with five assignments I’m working on currently, and at least two articles that are written but haven’t been published yet), so I want to point out a few pieces that might interest you.

  • My latest Practical Mac column was the 9th most read article at the Seattle Times last week. “Best computer for school? MacBook,” as you can probably guess, makes the argument for which computer to take back to school. (For another back-to-school article, check out Dan Pourhadi’s “Mac to School 2006: The $2000 Challenge” in this week’s TidBITS.)
  • Other recent Practical Mac columns written by me include “Navigating without a mouse,” which talks about some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts, and “Keep your Mac cool this summer,” which looks at ways to beat laptop heat.
  • This month’s issue of HOW magazine (the 10/2006 edition) includes a long article aimed at designers on how to back up your data. The impetus for this one came from editing Joe Kissell’s Take Control of Mac OS X Backups, an invaluable ebook. (Unfortunately, the article is not online.)

    My friend Karen pointed out, after reading the article, that I should have included the application SuperDuper! in favor of Carbon Copy Cloner because “it took CCC forever to support Tiger and still doesn’t do Intel machines. Plus, SuperDuper! has one of the best UIs around.” Thanks, Karen!

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