Quick Direct Trimming Tip

I just noticed that someone named Yvonne in Bloomington, IN wrote a very nice review of the iMovie HD 6/iDVD 6 book at Amazon’s page. (Thanks, Yvonne, if you’re reading this!) She also points out that I should have included a tip on page 97; I’ll let her explain (emphasis mine):

[I]n experimenting with direct trimming in the video editing section, I encountered the problem of never actually getting a cursor which would allow me to drag the edge of the video clip in. It was only in searching the iMovie HD help menu that I found an answer to my problem. (I had to have the “show clip volume levels” turned off in order to perform this function.)

Peachpit has told me that the book is already scheduled for a second printing (hooray!), so I’ll see if I can add the tip.

[Update: I’m behind on my news. I talked to me editor yesterday, and the book is now scheduled for a third printing! The tip above (which I had to condense into two lines to fit on the page) will appear in the next printing.]

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