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Errata: PSE 11 Flipbook Feature Is Gone

A quick correction: On page 335 of my book Photoshop Elements 11: Visual QuickStart Guide, the last tip mentions the Flipbook feature, a variation of the slideshow feature in the Organizer. Unfortunately, FLipbook didn’t make it past Photoshop Elements 10. Either the feature was pulled at the last minute (I wrote the book using beta ...


Battlestar Galactica Videomaker Toolkit

I’m late to the new BG series, catching up with the help of Netflix and what little spare time I have right now. It’s a compelling show, with amazing special effects and good writing. Now, the producers have created the Battlestar Galactica Videomaker Toolkit, a collection of video and audio clips from the show that ...


Quick Direct Trimming Tip

I just noticed that someone named Yvonne in Bloomington, IN wrote a very nice review of the iMovie HD 6/iDVD 6 book at Amazon’s page. (Thanks, Yvonne, if you’re reading this!) She also points out that I should have included a tip on page 97; I’ll let her explain (emphasis mine): [I]n experimenting with direct ...