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The field of iMovie plug-ins continues to be more robust than I would have imagined a few years ago. Now that a lot of plug-ins are available, BKMS has released PluginPal, a separate application that lets you activate or deactivate plug-ins for titles, transitions, and effects.


Big & Bold, Bigger

Most of the early iMovie plug-ins focused on effects and transitions, but more of them are now offering enhanced titles. Stupendous Software has released Big & Bold. You can download five free effects from their site, too.


DV Backup

I don’t claim to keep up-to-date with everything – there just isn’t that much time. Which is why it’s great to run across cool things in other places, such as the latest issue of Macworld that arrived today. Dan Frakes writes about DV Backup, a utility for using your camcorder and MiniDV tapes as a ...


Internet Video iMovie Contest

Internet Video Magazine is now accepting submissions for its iMovie Contest 2003. Send them your iMovie-created movie, 3 minutes or shorter, to win an iPod.


Slick vol. 5 & 6 released

You know you want to do the Star Wars crawl: your text, moving away in perspective. Now, Gee Three has an iMovie plug-in (Perspective) that will let you narrate your own adventures on a Mac far, far away… Gee Three has just released Slick volumes 5 and 6, adding a slew of new titles, transitions, ...


cf/x plug-ins

Cf/x has released a slew of iMovie plug-ins, many of which involve color correction.


Virtix Zoom and Pan 3.0

Before Apple introduced the Ken Burns Effect in iMovie 3, companies like Virtix were creating plug-ins that achieved the same pan and zoom effects. Now, Virtix has released Virtix Zoom & Pan Filters – Version 3.0, which works on all flavors of iMovie 2 and later (including iMovie 2 under Mac OS 9), supports high-resolution ...