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Pogue on Digitizing Old Home Movies

New York Times technology columnist David Pogue writes in his weekly email about transferring old home movies (you know, the ones on “film”) to digital formats: “Saving Home Movies From Disappearing Formats“. Old reels of film, however, seemed like a tougher nut to crack. My plan was to demonstrate, on the show, the old “mirror ...


Church Sign Generator

Via, I learned about the Church Sign Generator. Choose one of three church signs, type your own text, and the site creates an image for you. Handy for inserting a custom establishing shot for your movie’s church scene. Or, you know, because it’s really neat to go make your own custom church sign!


New Themes for iMovie HD 6

Sidicom is the first company to release themes for iMovie HD 6: Eye Candy Themes. Four themes are available: Science Lab ($28), Folding Cards ($35), World Cup ($26), and Drop-In ($34); for $10 more, each set can be licensed to up to five users. All of them are available in SD and HD resolutions.


iMovie HD 6.0.1 Restores cf/x Compatibility

Christian Franz of cf/x reports that iMovie HD 6.0.1 restores compatibility to cf/x plug-ins. I’m happy to report that iMovie 6.0.1 appears to have fixed the incompatibility problems that made iMovie 6 incompatible with our plug-ins (you needed to disable the preview before you could configure our plug-ins). Our tests now show that iMovie 6.0.1 ...


Slick 1.0.3 Update

GeeThree has released an updater that fixes some title issues and other glitches in their Slick iMovie plug-in packages. The updater is a 6 MB download.


KeynotePro Creates iDVD Themes

iDVD 5 offers 73 built-in themes, but is that enough? No! KeynotePro is now offering their first iDVD theme: MetroBlue for iDVD. MetroBlue ties into similar themes the company has made for Keynote and Pages, and costs $20.


Testing Slick Stabilizer

My wife and I went eagle-watching over the weekend, where we spotted 26 eagles over the course of about eight hours (this was near Concrete, Marblemount, and Rockport, WA). I don’t have a great zoom on my camera, so I improvised by placing a pair of binoculars in front of the lens. Although the camcorder ...


Slick Fixes for iMovie HD

As I noted shortly after Macworld Expo, people who had some of GeeThree’s Slick plug-ins for iMovie installed ran into problems in iMovie HD (Apple didn’t make the software available to third-party developers, so the folks at GeeThree and other plug-in vendors have been working hard to get caught up). Now, GeeThree has released the ...


Slick Conflicts with iMovie HD

If you’re having troubles with iMovie HD (and you’ve already repaired permissions on your Mac), check to see if you have any third-party iMovie plug-ins installed. GeeThree has run into a few conflicts, and posted a page detailing current problems and workarounds. Unfortunately, this is one byproduct of Apple’s product secrecy; as far as I ...


DVDxDV Takes DVD to iMovie

Macworld’s Chris Breen points to DVDxDV, a utility for extracting video from an unprotected DVD (such as one you’ve made in iDVD) and importing it into iMovie: Mac 911 Weblog: DVD to iMovie. You’ll take a quality hit because the video on the DVD has been encoded using MPEG2 compression, but if the DVD is ...