Talking iPad Photography on Mac Power Users Podcast

I’ve had the great pleasure to do several podcasts and interviews about The iPad for Photographers, Second Edition. Last week I talked to the wonderful David Sparks and Katie Floyd for their Mac Power Users Podcast (listen to the episode here). In it, we talk about all sorts of iPad photography topics, but mostly I’m sure David just wanted some great advice before he left on vacation. (He admits to it several times.) It’s a fun conversation, and I hope you enjoy it!

  1. Great discussion, i heard it. I too have this idea of using an ipad as a tool to view, rate, delete and flag images and then transfer the ‘keepers’ to Lightroom as I get home. I want this whole process to be with the RAW images though. One day, i’d like to add some changes that would also be transferred to Lightroom with the import! I guess were just not there yet. Anyway, I bought your book on the back of the show so thanks for the insight. Looking forward to reading it now! Regards, Gordon


    1. Hi Gordon,

      Photosmith does let you do all that with raw images (except the editing you want), but be sure to read the discussion of raw workflows in Chapter 2 to understand advantages and limitations. But Photosmith will import raw files and transfer them to Lightroom if you want.


      1. Hi Jeff,
        You’ve cost me a fortune but I’m most grateful! After reading your book I’ve bought photo smith and an eyefi card. What a great workflow. Pick the keepers with the iPad and upload just the best ones for editing and filing. I like the idea of getting a client to do their own rating during the shoot too. Keeps them busy and speeds up the job! Really grateful. Great book, thanks. Gordon

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