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Laminar app [was] free this week

[Update: The free deal apparently expired on June 29.] I haven’t used it yet, but it’s worth checking out: Laminar, a photo-editing app for iPad, is free this week at the iTunes Store. According to my friend Jim Heid, some people refer to Laminar as “Lightroom for the iPad.”


iPhoto for iOS: Essential Features for Photographers

Peachpit has posted my latest article, which covers features of iOS for Photographers: iPhoto for iOS: Essential Features for Photographers. If you’ve already downloaded the addendum to the book, there’s no new information, but it is a great intro to what photographers can appreciate about iPhoto for people new to the program. It also gave me ...


Book Errata: Chapter 3 update, inactive link

A couple of related post-publishing housekeeping tasks: The sidebar on page 52 notes that I’ll be updating Chapter 3 (“Rate and Tag Photos”) with Photosmith 2 information. When I wrote that chapter a few months ago, Photosmith 2 was still in an early alpha stage, but the developers gave me access so I could include ...


Snapseed is the Free App of the Week

I love Snapseed and its intuitive photo editing tools. It’s the first app I cover in Chapter 5. And this week, it’s Apple’s App of the Week in the iTunes Store, which means it’s free!


Ron Martinsen Tests Eye-Fi with Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III

How does the wireless Eye-Fi memory card handle the load of working with the large image files created by the Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III? Pro photographer Ron Martinsen writes about the results on his blog. I cover the Eye-Fi in some depth in The iPad for Photographers, and also recommend using ShutterSnitch ...


TriggerTrap Mobile, shutter release for iOS

Now this looks interesting: TriggerTrap Mobile is an app for iOS that lets you trigger your camera’s shutter remotely. In the book I talk about DSLR Camera Remote HD, which requires that you tether your DSLR to a computer; the iPad communicates to an application on the computer over Wi-Fi. TriggerTrap takes the computer out ...


Premiere Elements 9 for Mac Review

Adobe introduced Premiere Elements 9 for Mac, the first time the video editing application is available on the Mac. My review is now online at Premiere Elements 9.


VHS Conversion Utilities Compared

Wondering what to do with those mouldering VHS tapes? Christopher Breen at Macworld compares the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD and the Elgato Video Capture: VHS capture tools compared.


iMovie ’09 8.0.5 Released, Supports New iFrame Format

Apple today released iMovie ’09 8.0.5. In addition to improving support for importing video captured using the latest iPod nano, this version introduces support for iFrame, a video format employing H.264 video and AAC audio compression. According to Jim Dalrymple at CNET and Peter Cohen at The Loop, iFrame is a format developed by Apple. ...


Windows Live Movie Maker Says Goodbye to the Timeline

iMovie ’08 took a lot of flack for dispensing with the timeline, the single horizontally scrolling representation of a movie. Instead, your project is organized left to right, top to bottom like you read a paragraph of text. Microsoft is taking the same approach with its new Windows Live Movie Maker. View the movie on ...